Oil and Wine, Sherman Artbox

Glass tanks, four varieties of extra virgin olive oil and four varieties of red wine.

This work exemplifies two intentions that have underpinned my recent art: the first involves revisiting and working within the formal language of minimalism, the second is about reintroducing the poetry of everyday life into that vocabulary.

The introduction of the readymade object or found material opens up the possibility of poeticizing the often inert modernist art piece and transforming it into an evocative image with associative qualities and potential meanings.

The modern art object is able to speak into our lives again.

In this work the oils and wines, which were chosen for their colour and compelling visuality, also serve to bring an almost classical resonance to the art. Biblically, oil and wine are often seen as symbols of the blessing and abundant provision of God. In my work they may remind us of the richness and plenitude we enjoy but often take for granted.

Richard van der Aa
September 2002

Thanks to Simon Johnson Quality Foods for the generous supply of olive oil.