RE:presentations Kudos Gallery

RE:presentations marks a significant change in the work of visual artist Richard van der Aa. A return to university for post-graduate study after 15 years working and exhibiting has been the catalyst for this shift in strategy. While continuing his exploration of the importance of context and its influence on interpretation, van der Aa has begun working with found objects and ready-made materials. Using these as starting points and then devising containers for them or using them as containers, van der Aa is imbuing the objects with new layers of meaning. An ambiguous wire wall hanging has a carefully made and painted purpose built wooden box, immediately removing the possibility that the wire’s form is arbitrary and implying the importance of its shape. The lyrical lines of a cloud of rubber bands float on the wall above a plinth and plastic case – clearly each rubber band will return to its individual cell. A translucent wax disc leaning against a wall echoes the nearby film canister – the viewer is drawn to read a relationship. A playful, gently humorous sensibility runs throughout the work in RE:presentations inviting the audience to enjoy the simple things in life.